Curriculum Alignment Project logoAlignment Instructions for CSUs & Private Universities

The following provides alignment Instructions for CSU and Private Institutions who have baccalaureate programs in child development/early childhood education.

To begin CAP alignment

  1. Review your current courses in relationship to any of the CAP course outlines found under CAP Classic, CAP Expansion or CAP Transitional Kindergarten.
  2. Contact the CAP team for support in completing and submitting the alignment documents. Contact information for the CAP Leads can be found under Technical Assistance.

Steps in CAP alignment

  1. The CAP team reviews the submitted materials for alignment.
  2. If revisions are needed, you will be contacted by a member of the CAP team with specific information related to the requested revisions.
  3. If no revisions are needed, you will be notified of your successful alignment!

Helpful hints when submitting for alignment

  • You may submit any number of courses.
  • CSU and Private institution alignment is limited to courses. Programs are not considered for alignment.
  • Either an approved or a draft Course Outline of Record (COR) or Syllabus may be submitted for initial alignment.
  • Only regionally accredited institutions are eligible to participate.

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All CAP projects are funded by the California Department of Social Services, Child Care and Development Division.